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We can help you to avoid common mistakes in marketing which crypto founders are used to make quite often.
Thanks to our partnership with BIG4, MiCA, many of crypto hedge funds, top crypto
networks & foundations we can help you to reduce your investor, developer, legal risks.

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WEB3 Marketing Agency
A PR, Marketing, Analytics
Agency for Crypto Businesses

We help Web3 start-ups go mainstream

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We employ a comprehensive approach to maximize the return on investment for your project. What is the reason behind this strategy?

Half of cryptocurrency startups fail as a result of inadequate operational and marketing management. We are the ones who can guide you on improving and optimizing marketing performance for the best results.

Our 24/7 marketing support ensures the stability of your crypto startup. What are we seeking to prevent?

Annually, over 30% of crypto projects face collapse. CoinGecko's data indicates that in 2021, out of the 8000 tokens listed, over 3000 were delisted. Despite receiving $3.5 billion in financing, one-third of crypto projects ceased operations in 2022. We will ensure that you overcome these discouraging statistics.

We assist during the initial stages of your launch and ensure a perfect fit with your users.

40% of cryptocurrency startups perish because they lack product-market fit. We'll have your back and strive to ensure you discover your niche.

Bridging The Gap Between Bearish & Bullish